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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

TrueNAS Network Attached Storage

Calypso Runs TrueNAS Core 13.0 U2 (previously known as FreeNAS).


This system is currently running TrueNAS 13.0 U2. I've been running TrueNAS since it was FreeNAS version 9.3 in early 2015. Over the years I have tested a few systems and found that TrueNAS runs efficiently and I love it. I ensure that updates and patches are installed as quickly as possible and ensure that I conduct upgrades as soon as they are available. Before these are conducted, I ensure that I make a backup of the configuration in the event that something occurs so that I may roll the system back and test to see what made the error occur.

PC Specs

Manufacturer: Dell

Model: Optiplex 990 (Previously on Optiplex 780 until September 2022)


Hard Drives:

  • (2) 16GB SandDisk Micro Flash Drives for Boot Storage Configured in RAID1
  • (2) 4TB Western Digital Red Drives for Regular Data Storage configured in RAID1
  • (1) 8TB Western Digital Red Drive for Media Data Storage (Movies, Music, etc.)
  • (1) 4TB Western Digital Green Drive for Backup Storage (Local and Remote)
  • (1) 125GB PNY SSD for Jail Storage


  • 1-port Gigabit Internal NIC
    • Used for connecting to LAN
  • TP-LINK 2-port Gigabit PCI Adapter
    • 1 port used to crossover with Proxmox for NFS connections
    • 1 port for future use